How to feel good when selling your services (what I learned from an 8-year-old)

How to feel good when selling your services (what I learned from 8-year-old)

Strolling along the aisles of my local mall I overheard a child saying:

-Mom, you want to buy me this.
-No. I don’t -was her answer.
-Yes. You do- the child replied back.

I took a quick glance at my right side and saw an eight-year-old or so carrying a bag of chocolate cookies in his arms.

I smiled both at his naivete and his persistence because I have to admit…

… I could relate so much with his frustration!
We are in the business of change, but…

What you should never do to sell your services

Solopreneurs like us, in the healing arts or in the coaching field, are in the business of change.

We do our best to help our clients change unwanted behaviors, dissolve limiting beliefs, and create better lives.

But there is one thing we should stop trying to change. And it’s this:

Never try to convince a potential client to buy something they don’t want!

This is one of the most painful situations you can find yourself in as a solopreneur.

First, because it never works. 
We want what we want, and unless a product or service is clearly aligned with your client’s deepest desires, they will resist the purchase.

Second, because it will feel bad to your heart. 
You’ll feel pushy and salesy, exactly what you dread the most, don’t you?

And yes, I know.
This is not what marketing gurus are telling us.

They teach us to do strategy sessions, to overcome the objections, and have the client say “yes” during the call…

This goes contrary to most of the business coaching out there, but I always tell people to sleep on it before saying yes to working with me.

I want them to be 100 % in alignment with their decision to enroll in my programs.

If for whatever reason they can’t see the value of what I’m offering, I take that as a sign of product misalignment.

The consequences of product misalignment

I call product misalignment to those moments in which you are offering a service to a client that they can’t see the benefit of.

I’m not saying the product is not the right fit, because you probably know in your heart of hearts that it is exactly what they need, but they can’t see it.

The value of what you are offering is not clear to them, or they would say “yes” to working with you.

Maybe your description of the service isn’t clear enough, or maybe you are not meeting them where they are, or maybe you aren’t offering them what they think they need.

What to focus on during a free session

My advice to you is this:

  • Don’t focus on closing the sale.
  • Use the conversation as an opportunity to figure out what it is they really want.
  • And focus on aligning your offers to what they really want.

In summary, never offer a product or service that your client doesn’t want.

Once you have a better understanding of your ideal clients’ needs and want, improve your offerings and your message based on their feedback. And the next time someone needs what you do, they will be able to say a Yes! from a place of inner peace and alignment.

How can you create a better alignment of your products with what your clients really want?