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What career would suit me? The 3 critical factors to discover your ideal career

The “What-career-would-suit-me” question carries a lot of wisdom in itself, because it acknowledges the fact that some careers WON’T be the right fit for you.

Ask anyone who’s ever felt trapped in a soul sucking job and they will confirm you that some careers choices will lead you to disappointment and frustration.

But how do you find the careers that would suit you like a glove?

In this article, I’ll share with you the 3 critical factors you need to keep in mind when evaluating any potential career path.

I’ll tell you exactly how to do that in a moment, but first let me explain what these 3 factors are. Continue reading

Path Pointer #2: Don’t get caught up in semantics

Have you already found your passion? Because not knowing what you’re passionate about is one the biggests stumbling blocks people encounter in their journey to doing what they love.

It’s something so foundational (and frustrating) that keeps most of us stuck for more than we would be willing to admit.

-“But why, Charo?” -you may be wondering- “why is it s hard to find what I’m passionate about?”
Glad you asked, cause that’s exactly what I’ll share with you in the audio today.
Listen in to Path Pointer #2 … and discover if you are motivated by something different
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Path Pointer #1: Your path is not a straight line

pathpointers podcastWelcome to this new section!
This is the very first in a series of short audios that I’ll call “Path Pointers”
These audios are designed to give you a quick tip, a distinction or a mindset shift, in order to help you find your path, walk your path, and share the contribution you are meant to bring into this world.

Path Pointer number 1: Your path is not a straight line Listen here Continue reading

Find your Path: Where should you start?

If you’ve ever felt trapped in a soulless job, (you may be in that very same situation right now), you belong to a growing number of people who share the dream of living a meaningful life of freedom, passion and contribution.

And yet, you may still be stuck because you lack clarity about what that thing you’d love to do really is. Or you already have an idea, even if still is a bit vague, but you are paralized by doubts and concerns about the question: “If I follow my dream, will I still be able to pay my bills?”

If you are in any of these two situations, where do you start?
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