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What if nobody wants what you have to offer?

que-hacerWith respect to your life purpose, what do you think it’s worse?
…having no idea about what your life purpose might be?
…being crystal clear about what it is but being unable to make it a reality? or
…putting all of your heart, time and energy into a purposeful project, only to watch it fail?

If I have to be sincere, in my opinion the third is the worst of all.

And I know, by some of the questions I’ve received lately, that some of the readers of my blog are struggling witht that problem.

Maybe because I’ve seen it more times that I would like, maybe because in many of my previous businesses I’ve struggled with it myself, but the truth is that Continue reading

The number one mistake conscious professionals make when crafting their offers

flowersThere was a local fair in my home town, that I use to go as a child. I was 12 or 13 back then, and that weekly visit was like a ritual for my friends and me every single sunday.

On that fair you could buy any kind of product, except food. You could find music (remember those old cassette tapes?), clothes, leather bags and belts, shoes, ceramic pieces and figurines made by local artisans, plants and flowers…

You know how things go when you belong to a group of friends, don’t you? If they did something you probably ended Continue reading

Is your business idea good enough to try it out? (in the real world)

903cvt6p copiaOne of the most heart breaking things I see in the process of turning your purpose into prosperity is when conscious professionals start a biz that will never have the capacity for bringing enough income as to be financially sustainable for them.

Probably because I’ve failed many times myself, and the unbreakable faith that everything will turn out right of the Innocent archetype is no longer in the fore front as a Purposeful Ally for me anymore, but the thing is that I want to know before hand if what I’m dreaming of creating has any true substance backing it up.

So the question you need to answer is: “How can I Continue reading

Why pricing your offers is so difficult

corazon monedasSo you’ve been working hard crafting your offers. You’ve put together a valuable service or product that you know will help your ideal clients solve a problem.
And you are almost ready to offer that to the world, but, first, you still have to answer this question:

How much should I charge for this?

And that’s a question the will inevitably raise lots of fears, doubts, worries and can leave you with a knot in your stomach for several days.

Some people use an Outside-In approach to pricing. For example… Continue reading

Should I start a biz doing what I love or giving people what they want instead?

There isn’t just one answer to this question, but there is only ONE right answer for you. In this article I’ll help you find out which one of them is right for you.
I don’t know if you are familiar with personality differences. The swiss psychologist Carl Jung discovered that not everyone makes decisions in the same manner.: Some of us, when confronted with options, will choose based on Continue reading