Career Change: When does your career change journey really begin? (it will surprise you)

career change journeyMost of us fell into our careers.

It wasn’t a conscious choice based on what would make us happy. Instead, a mixture of chance, false expectations, pressure from our parents, unrealistic dreams and pure misinformation led many of us into a career path of frustration and disappointment.

No wonder then that around 30 or 40, after we’ve spent some time dealing with the hard reality of a soulless job, we come to the conclusion that what we are doing it’s no longer enough.

We feel that something important is missing. And that dissatisfaction it’s ever present.

It might take you months or years, but once the longing for a fulfilling and meaningful career has been awakened in you, that inner, non-conformist voice will keep nagging at you till you take some kind of action to improve your situation.

That’s when the career change Journey really begins.

Not when you’re ready to say goodbye to your boss.
Not when you ready to start a new path.
Your career change journey begins the very moment that the Muses touch your mind with the dream for a better life.

career, passion, changeYou’ll find yourself daydreaming more and more about how your life could be different if only you…
… were doing something meaningful
… could enjoy your work
… were making a difference in other people’s lives
… could be more creative or
do what you truly love

So even if you are not planning on leaving your job anytime soon, the best moment to figure out what it is you really want and how you could share your contribution with the world it’s right now.

I understand this can be scary.
You might be tempted to let that inspiration sink into your consciousness for some more time, just because you’re too afraid to accept that:
You want to do something meaningful with your life.

But the truth is you only have 2 choices:


  1. Wait and do nothing.
    Allow you inner pressure and dissatisfaction to build up inside you till you can’t stand it any longer.
    (which I don’t recommend because ignoring your inner warning signs will only create problems)self discovery journey
  2. Start your Self Discovery journey now.
    Remember that finding answers doesn’t mean you are leaving your job (yet), it only means you’re gathering all the information you need to make a wise decision when the time arrives.

Understanding yourself is key

Understanding things like: what your natural talents and strengths are, what activities bring you joy, what kind of work will support the lifestyle you want,etc, are all key pieces of the puzzle to a fulfilling and meaningful career. The sooner you discover them, the better.

So don’t wait till you can’t stand your job any longer to embark on this Quest. Figuring out what you want is so much easily done from a place of joy than from a place of pressure.

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