Career Change Ideas: 5 Universal Laws of Career Fulfillment

5 universal laws of career fulfillmentYou want to enjoy fulfilling work, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, right?
But when you are planning a career change, how do you know if a the new career you are considering moving into, will be fulfilling for you or not?

Either if you are planning a career change or if you urgently need to feel better in your current job, knowing these 5 career fulfillment laws will help you.

5 Universal Laws of Career Fulfillment

The Law of Balance

Even when you are doing what you love, work isn’t everything there is.

You also want to have a life, don’t you?
You want to have quality time with your family and friends, you want to spend time with your other hobbies and passions…

The law of balance states this: Make sure you keep a healthy balance between your work life and your personal life.

Most people forget this important law when planning their career change, though.

It’s understandable, because all we can think of when we are stuck at the wrong job is how to escape our frustrating career once an for all. But keep this law in mind, cause we don’t want you to get out of a box only to find yourself stuck in a cage.

The Law of Growth

Growth is a natural impulse of all living beings. No wonder one of the most common causes of career frustration is the inability to grow.

When we’ve reached the point where there isn’t any room for personal and professional development in our current job, sooner or later we lose our motivation for that work.

The law of growth states: Either you are growing or you are dying.
So if you are not growing, it’s a clear sign that you need to do something about it.

The Law of Reciprocity

You can do many things you enjoy, but you can’t call them work unless you get compensated for doing them.

The law of reciprocity states: A fulfilling career allows you to make a living doing what you love.

Unless there is a fair exchange between what you do and what you get for doing it, you won’t be fulfilled in any career or business for too long.

There is a financial side to this, that’s for sure, but it’s not the only one: A certain level of recognition, a sense of being valued and appreciated, etc. are also part of the definition of Fair exchange.

The Law of Contribution

This fact might shock you, but you don’t need to change careers in order to do meaningful work. It’s the intention behind what you do that makes a career or business meaningful.

The law of contribution states that:  Any career or business can be meaningful if we focus on the difference we are making in the lives of others.

So whenever you focus on the contribution your work is adding to the lives of others, and not so much on the activities themselves, you can turn your current job in a much more fulfilling thing.

The Law of Flow

Whenever we are totally absorbed in a task that it’s challenging for us but also achievable, we enter a mental state that psychologists call FLOW.

In that flow state we’re not only able to get our best work done, but we also enjoy what we are doing.

The law of Flow states: A fulfilling career is such that allows you to spend most of your working time in a state of flow

So make sure you know what kind of activities put you in a state of flow, and then focus on new career paths that will allow you to spend most of your time engaged on those activities.

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