What if you can’t find your passion?

I’ve discovered an interesting fact after years of helping others find their contribution: Not everyone can relate to the idea of having a passion.

And it’s not because they aren’t interested in living with a higher sense of joy and aliveness.
It’s mostly because we use different words to describe our experiences…
…and words, at times, can be an obstacle.

That reminds me of my first trip to Boston.

I went there as an exchange student with a group of people who were 5 years younger than me. It was 1993, they still were high school students, but I was already going to the University. It also meant that I was 5 years ahead in my knowledge of English, and had a bit more fluency and vocabulary than they had.

Many times they would come to me asking for the “right” word to describe something. I felt like a translator, and some even saw me doing that professionally some day.

With the word “Passion”, I feel like a translator again.

And if not having a “passion” has been keeping you stuck from finding your contribution, that’s what you need to do too: Translate the word passion into something you can relate to.

For some, it might be passion. For you it might be:

-a profound love for a topic, or
-a deep care for someone who is struggling with a specific problem, or
-an insatiable thirst to know everything about one area of interest (or several).

It doesn’t matter how you call it because it’s all the same.
It’s the inner drive that motivates you to move forward, to stay in the game when things get tough. It’s the energy that propels you to new depths into a topic.

As you can see, it’s ok if the word passion means nothing to you.
But don’t let that derail you from finding more meaning, energy, and joy in your life.
Make a translation and describe the experience in your own words.

So don’t ask; What is my passion? Ask instead:

-“What would I love to do?”
-“What motivates me to take action?”
-“What do I care about so much that I want to contribute to the solution?”

I’ve gathered my best questions in one eBook. They will help you discover what is the difference you are here to make. It’s called: “Find Your path: 21 questions to help you figure out what you would love to be doing with your life.”

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