Too many business ideas? (How to choose yours)

Too many business ideas? (How to choose yours)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to have lots of business ideas.

In fact, many more than I have the time -or the energy- for. 

It’s great, don’t get me wrong. It makes running a business much more juicy and fun. It’s pure creativity at its best. But it also has a downside: It’s really difficult to choose which idea to act upon. Agree? 

For example, take a look at my current situation:

Right now, on top of my branding & business reinvention coaching, I’d love to start a blog focused on Jungian psychology, I want to run a Dreamwork group for conscious solopreneurs, and I’m also tempted to start an English conversation club for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs here in Madrid.

All those ideas sound inspiring to me. But honestly? I can’t possibly pursue them all. At least not at the same time.

You might be in a similar situation. 

Maybe you can help people solve many different problems. Maybe you got trained in many different modalities. Maybe you’re interested in many different things -and love them all! So choosing just one seems impossible. But…

What if you don’t want to choose?

Let’s say that in a classical multi passionate style, you can’t let go of any of your ideas. And you really want to move forward with all of them. 

If that’s the case, let me share a couple truths with you:

First, from a pure business perspective, you need to know that people will associate you with just one thing, even if you do many. 

That’s just how the brain works.

If you try to get known for many different things two things can happen: Either people won’t remember you, or they will be unclear about what it is that you do. In both cases, you won’t come to mind when they need your services. 


You need a new perspective, so please repeat after me… 

# 1 Mantra for multi passionates:

“I don’t need to put everything I love into my business. I don’t need to bring all of my passions into my business for it to be fun and fulfilling.” 

But you’re not leaving any of the things you love out. What this means it that some of the things you love, you’ll do them outside of your business, that’s all.

There is one more reason why you’ll want to prioritize your ideas: On a very practical level, you know that every new project will require your energy, your attention, your time, your mental – and even – your monetary resources. 

And you only have so much of those, agree?

So here is your second mindset shift: 

# 2 Mantra for multi passionates:

“What I say YES to is important, but it’s even more important what I say NO to.”

This mantra was life-changing for me. It’s a reminder of two important facts of life. The fact that every time you say “yes” to one idea, you are saying “no” to other things. And vice-versa, you will have to say “no” to some ideas, in order to be able to act upon the most inspiring ones.

And yet, even when you know all this ,choosing doesn’t feel good because…

What would you miss if you picked only a few of your business ideas?

Now you may be thinking: – “Okay. I see your point, but still can’t make myself choose.“

Know what? I totally get it. 

Sometimes, the resistance to focusing only on a few ideas comes from a deep need that hasn’t been sufficiently met yet. And one part of you is trying to help you get what you need…by engaging in so many projects.

Do you need more fun? A sense of freedom? Do you need to express more of yourself? It can be anything.

If this is the case, find your inner drivers and meet those needs outside of your business: Ask yourself two things: 

  1. If I couldn’t do this particular thing, what would I be missing? 
  2. What’s an easier, happier, and more fulfilling way of getting my needs met?

And finally, I’ve left the best for the end:

What if you didn’t have to choose? 

-“Charo, you’re really confusing me NOW. You’ve been trying to convince me to choose and now you’re telling me I don’t have to?” 

Yes and no. Bear with me on this one.

I’m not suggesting you follow all of your creative ideas. What I’m saying is: Don’t be the one making the choice. 

Yes, it might sound a bit radical but it’s a very practical thing to do when you are in business.

This is how you do it: 

Put your explorer’s hat on. Set your mind into experimentation mode. Launch a series of tests…

…And notice which ones take off. 

-How do people react to them? 
-Which ones are they interested in? 
-Will they pay for that service? 

Those ideas are your winners. They are inspiring to you, and to your ideal client, too. So build your business on them.

And the rest?

Just keep them as hobbies, activities you engage in to recharge your own batteries outside of work. 

So here you have it. The next time you feel that high of inspiration from a new exciting idea, thank the Muses and do this: 

Prioritize your business ideas. Fulfill your inner needs in some other ways. And let your clients decide which ones to pursue in your business. You’ll experience a lot less stress and much more fulfillment.

Now, it’s your time. Go put that creative, multi passionate mind of yours to work and tell me, Which one of your many business ideas will you put to the test?

To your purpose, prosperity, and inner peace.