Using dreams for guidance in uncertain times

Using dreams for guidance in uncertain times

How would you like to have a personal mentor, guiding you on your path, warning you about impending dangers, and helping you choose the right projects? 

And what if this mentor was available to you for any issue, without asking for money in return? 

Most people don’t know it, but we all have access to this type of help.

Call it intuition, your Higher Self, or a deeper intelligence…

the thing is we all have it. And receiving its wisdom is just a matter of learning how to communicate with it. 

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How to make your business message more compassionate (with NVC)

Nati Beltrán on Non-Violent Communication

How willing are people to hear your message? The way you communicate will influence your relationship with others and how open they are to listen to you.

In this interview with Nati Beltrán, a Non -Violent Communication expert, you’ll learn:

*What NVC is and why now is more necessary than ever.
*How we might be using “aggressive” language without even being aware of it.
*3 Tips you can start implementing right now to improve all your business (and personal) communications…

(If you prefer to read, I’ve gathered the main takeaways here:)

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On emotions, service and your business (COVID-19 update)

On emotions, service and your business (COVID-19 update)

We’re getting into week number eight of our lockdown here in Madrid. 

Experts are beginning to worry about the psychological consequences of this confinement. 

So for the first time in eight weeks, adults are allowed to go for a walk… 

… as long as we keep social distancing rules, it’s shorter than an hour, and we don’t go farther than a kilometer away from our house. 

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Lockdown lessons from Madrid (3 things that are helping me to cope)

Lockdown lessons from Madrid (3 things that are helping me to cope)

The noise from four active children -my neighbors in the upstairs apartment- woke me up this morning. 

I don’t blame them.

No doubt the argument was about very important to four children who’ve been in lockdown for three weeks in a row.

We are starting our fourth week of confinement, and the government has approved this week to keep it two more weeks. Let’s see if that’s enough.

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My thoughts on how to deal with this -or any- crisis (covid-19)

My thoughts on how to deal with this -or any- crisis (covid-19)

I’m homebound in my city, a few kilometers south of Madrid, while I write this. All of us in Spain are staying at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. 

The whole world is on alert, trying to stop the Covid-19 pandemic as best we can.

Most of us have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes, right?
At least not in the developed countries.

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On using stories to get people’s attention (ethically)

On using stories to get people’s attention

There is a lot of buzz about using stories in marketing.
Find your story, share your story and Voila! …

…people will pay attention to you.

But is that true?

What I know to be true is that we all love a good story.
And it’s also true that people won’t care about you -or your story- until they know you care about them.

Don’t you agree with this?
Let me prove it to you:

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Messaging 101: How solid is your business message?

(If you prefer to read, there is below a transcript slightly edited for you to read. Enjoy!)

How solid is your business message?
Is it solid enough to sustain you and sustain your clients long-term?

Because if not, then nobody will be able to understand what it is that you do. 

People won’t come asking for your help if you don’t have that bedrock, that great foundation of a clear marketing message in your business.

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How to create content that gets noticed by your ideal clients

To be or not to be…Noticed?

That seems to be the question we ask ourselves every time we share a piece of content online these days.

I’m sure you’ve heard it too:
-”If you want to be found online you need to publish articles, create podcasts, share videos… -experts say- and you’ll get found by those who need you”.

But is that what is really going on? 

Will your clients take the time to read, watch or listen to what you’ve created?
Will they even see it?

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What type of Conscious Leader are you?

What type of Conscious Leader are you?

Recently, Gema Ramirez from the Conscious Academy interviewed me for her Connecting with Heart-Centered Leaders series. 

The topic?  
We talked about solopreneurs and conscious leadership, about self discovery tools, leadership styles, strengths and weakness in how we show up in the world…
…and so much more!

We had a great time!

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Personal Branding for solopreneurs. Should you even care?

Personal Branding for solopreneurs, should you even care?

We associate branding with those logos we see on packages and products, but could Branding our service business be of any help to us solopreneurs?

Let me share a story.

When I was very young, I attended typewriting classes. I still remember the noise those old, big machines made whenever we pounded their keys. And I still remember the rare occasions in which our teacher would give us a very special type of paper.

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