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Coaches are known for asking a lot of questions. I’m curious by nature, you see, so it only made sense that I ended up becoming one.

Questions are valuable, but only if you ask the right ones.
For example, from all the telesummits I’ve listened to along the years, one has really stood up among all. And the reason was that they kept asking the same powerful questions to all the participants. It was great, and finally gave me a wonderful global understanding of the topic.

So when Nina Lenton shared this “chain of questions” blog post challenge, it got me interested right away.

And you know what? If you are not able to answer these questions for your own business (or soon to be business) it means you still need to work on gaining more clarity about your niche. (take your time and try to answer question #2 specially)

So since we are in the middle of the year, and this is a great time to rethink our path, take one step back from our daily rutines, gain some perspective and reassess if the direction we are following is the right one for us, why don’t you join me and start this self-exploratory process by taking a look at what you’ve been doing up until now?

They say good coaches won’t give you the answer to your problems, but something much more valuable: They will ask you the right questions.

So thank you Nina Lenton for passing on the baton to me. Here you have my answers to these powerful questions:

  • Question #1: What am I currently working on?

Right now I’m focusing in a couple of projects.

I’m creating a podcast, the Tapping your Purpose Podcast, I released my first 6 episodes during a 30 Day Challenge I participated on, and now I want to continue doing it on a more consistent basis.

My second project is testing a product idea.
I want to create a research group to help me figure out what program I’ll launch in the autum.
I have one idea for a program to help heart centered professionals design the right offers that their ideal custumers really want to buy from them.

  • Question # 2: How does my work differ from others in this genre?

Some coaches focus mainly in helping their clients do what they love.

They live by the mantra: “Do what you love and money will follow”,  when in fact, there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing here, that many coaches never talk about.

I’ve seen this problem again and again, no only in other people, clients and colleagues, but I’ve also experienced it first hand in the many business I started when I was only following my passion. They never really were able to sustain the lifestyle I wanted, no matter how much I loved doing that thing.

The only thing that followed my passion (and hard work) for me was dissappointment, frustration and a struggle to pay my bills.

That’s why I’m so passionated about finding the sweet spot where both things meet: Purpose and Prosperity.

Maybe because I was trained as an architect myself, before becoming a coach, and I worked really hard to make sure the house I built were solid and stable. Now as a Purpose with Prosperity Coach, I really care about helping my clients:

a) make a living doing something they love and
b) that is also SOLID enough as a business to sustain them financially.

I don’t want them to just build “castles in the air”.  If they only have that, I’ll help them put a good foundation beneath them. So as you can see, I focus on figuring out how to blend both things, the passion and the income, and that makes me different from other approaches I’ve seen out there.

There is also something different in the way I work with clients, because I blend two different approaches, the more practical, down-to-earth side of me with the more open-minded (or woo-woo if you prefer) intuitive, energy based approach of helping clients.

  • Question # 3: Why do I write what I do?

I write parcially as a selfish act 🙂

I just need to express my ideas and share what I’m learning in my own journey.
I always tell my students, that even though I am a certified coach, I am so much better as a teacher than I am as coach.

Teaching is a strong natural talent in me, I’ve done it since I can remember. As the author Caroline Myss would say, I have the Teacher archetype as part of my Sacred Contract for this life time. So I feel a strong impulse to share what I know with others, either through writing or speaking, as I’m, recently doing with my podcast.

This may sound a bit drastic, but if I stop doing it, I get umbalanced and my physical body suffers. (if you are into energies, I need to “communicate” in order to keep my 5th chakra healthy.)

  • Question # 4: How does my writing process work?

I write a lot, and I do what Julia Cameron calls “my morning pages” most of my days. Many times, what starts like rumblings and disconnected thoughts, ended up as finished articles in my blogs.

I write my best articles when I respond to someone in need. If I see a problem someone is struggling with and is part of my expertise, I just can’t help myself and I create an article to address that problem.

I also rely on my intuition to come up with ideas and whole new articles.
Sometimes, if I need to send my ezine but haven’t come up with and article yet, I ask for help before getting asleep. I ask my inner wisdom, higher self, Spirit ot whatever you want to call it, to give me ideas for an article while I’m sleeping.

And without fail, the next morning I have to run out of bed early because I wake up with the article ready to be written, as sentences start forming in my half sleep mind.  and I need to catch them up onto paper as fast as I can before I forget them.
This trick has been incredibly useful along the years.

And now I pass the baton to a couple of dear friends:

Kimberley Jones and Joanna Meriwether, so they can share with you how they bring their light and gifts into the world through their writing.

Charo X

kimberley_jonesKimberley Jones is a 4th generation intuitive ‘seer’ and mystic and an award-winning spiritual mentor.
Her purpose in this lifetime is as Spiritual Midwife for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in the real lives of real women.

In 1998 she experienced a profound transformation and spiritual awakening following the passing of her mother. Kimberley’s extraordinary story of awakening has been the subject of psychological research, several books and is currently being turned into a film.

Kimberley now works from home using her gifts, training and wisdom gained through many trials and tragedies to empower women as they awaken to their true essence.
Find out more about her at www.kimberleyjones.com

Joanna-meriwetherJoanna Meriwether is a holistic health educator and counselor. Joanna holds actual degrees in health education, interfaith spirituality, and a Master’s in Social Work. (She did not just download all these smarts off the internet.)

She uses all the tools and resources from her training to help heart-centered, professional women to heal the mind-body connection and be healthy through menopause so they can live the happy, meaningful lives they wish for
You can visit her website at www.joannameriwether.com

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