21 Questions to discover your Purpose, create Prosperity and live from Inner Peace.

Many of us who already are (or dream of becoming) a heart-centered entrepreneur, arrived at a crossroad of uncertainty in our lives.

A strong dissatisfaction and frustration are typically the first signs that our professional lives aren’t working anymore. And no matter how painful this is, it means we

are ready to admit that the path we’ve been walking till that moment is the wrong one for us.

But how do we find our new direction?
Where do we get the confidence we need to start a new path that’s meaningful AND profitable enough to support the lifestyle we want?

After so many years of helping others find their path, I’ve compiled a list of questions that will give you all the information, permission and confidence you need to find your new, meaningful path to purpose, prosperity and inner peace.

21 Questions to discover your Purpose, create Prosperity and live from Inner Peace.

1-Who am I?
2-What makes me unique and special?
3-What are my natural gifts, talents and strengths?
4-What do I love to do?
5-What interests me?
6-What am I passionate about?
7-Which area of the world do I feel called to improve?
8-Where do I want to add my contribution?
9-Whom do I care?
10-Who do I love to spend my time with?
11-How do I want my daily life to look like?
12-What business model will support that kind of lifestyle?
13-Who am I meant to help?
14-What kind of problems would I love to help them solve?
15-What is my unique way of solving those problems?
16-Will they be willing to pay for getting help with those problems?
17-Where are the people I’m meant to help?
18-How can I reach them?
19-In which format will I deliver my solutions?
20-How can we both know I’m the right person to help them?
21-When will I be helping them?

Bonus question:  Will you be able to answer these questions on your own?

Some people find it easy to answer these questions once they’ve been so clearly presented to them.

Yet other people second guess themselves and need someone more experienced to guide them through this quest.

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On that session you’ll gain clarity about where you are in this journey, what’s getting on your way and what are the best next steps for you to finally discover the way to make an income by living your purpose.
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With love

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