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Charo Pinilla
Purpose Based Career and Business Mentor | Certified Coach | EFT Tapping Expert

Charo left a career as a Building Engineer that made her ill (literally!) without a clear idea about what to do next.

It soon became obvious that, as a multipassionate herself, no single job would allow her to do everything she loved, so she would need to create it.

A serial entrepreneur, Charo believes that meaningful work is found in the sweet spot where our personality, our passion and our purpose align with a need in the world.

She loves helping women discover what makes them unique and how to get paid for doing meaningful work that is aligned with their values, passion and purpose.

When she’s not coaching or teaching, you can find her in a book club, taking a walk in nature or singing along her favorite music.

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Charo Pinilla |Purpose Based Career and Business Mentor |
Certified Coach | EFT Tapping Expert.

Helping brilliant professional women escape a meaningless job to do what they love.
A former Building Engineer who made a career change herself, now Charo helps her clients create a career or business with meaning, fulfillment and freedom.

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